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Blog entry by Bode Oladayo Akanbi

The library as a Vital Institution For Development


The library as been understood as a valuable
institution or building where informational materials are made available to
people for reading, study or references. Th e idea of a library could be dated
more than 5,000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia( in today’s middle east
region) where a large number of written materials was assembled. By this means
various peoples and cultures have been able to record and preserve knowledge
emanating from their social, political economic development. Thus, the library
as an institution over  the years have
served significantly as a repository of knowledge and ideas that invariably
benefited the development of societies today.


In the light of this, the importance of the
library cannot be overemphasized for  any
society or community that wishes to attain any level of development. There is
no gainsaying that  various communities
in the country is suffering grave neglect and abandonment. The reason for this
is multifaceted. Be this as it may, issue of bad leadership have featured
prominently among others. It may be right allude that many of our leaders
having tapped greatly into the wealth of resources provided by the library and
that explains why the country is still wallowing in the endemic den of poverty.
Apparently a leader who do not read becomes a dead leader, the thought system
of such a leader at best project mediocrity, which result into further
de-development of the society. Clearly our society is experiencing all kinds of
deterioration ranging from physical infrastructure to the standard of living.
At other levels moral decadence have set in. 


Having a library will to a great extent  produce a high level of literacy which is
indeed an important key  to ensuring the
quest for development. The point should be made that building more schools
without substance or it's engine room is not the focus. However what is done to
sustain the reading culture already acquired in the school. It is not enough to
send people to schools to lean, it is equally important that they build upon it
and are able to apply it to their daily endavours or engagement. The more
people have access to good libraries the more they are liberated particularly
from the clutches of  poverty and
backwardness. Today many of our youth have become nuisance to the society, such
needs to be encouraged  to imbibe the
reading culture. Essentially this will enable them to be better and responsible
citizens. The library will avoid them that opportunity to form a mind of their
own, the will be able to express their thoughts through and actualize their
potentials- at least to an appreciable extent.


Ordinarily the more exposed one is to books-
with particularly reference to good books- the more ones horizon is broadened.
This also makes one less dependent on the government on everything. The  social-economic circumstances prevailing in
the country have made a significant proportion of the youth population very
jobless. And in the absence of jobs many them have taken to very horrible
social vices.  The provision and
availability of good resources to read will minimize the danger the social
vices portends for the society at large. The teaming population will find it
more beneficial for themselves and in the long run for the society as a whole.


Considering thet peculiarity of  our society today whertie good number of our
student see nothing wrong with not going beyond the secondary school level,
having a library here will help greatly in transforming their thinking
perception. Majorly at this level the students are confronted new topics for
learning and sadly there are no requisite or appropriate text to assist them
comprehend the topics. Obviously  and
time many of them crashes or drop out school with no hope of continuing their
educational pursuit. Some end up learning one form of trade or the other while
some percentage end up on the street. Bearing in mind that the people in this
category are majorly young boys and girls in their teenage years or at most in
their early twenties, without limits therefore one can begin to imagine the
kinds of danger  they can be exposed to
and its implication for the society. However an establishment of a library accompanied  by the right resources(this include textbooks
of different subject)  to enable their
leaning will no doubt serve to their advantage.


The establishment of a good library provides
the populace asses to knowledge.  It
apparent that no single individual can possess all the books and resource
material he or she may need. Hence having a library for reading and
reference  purpose in a community will
suffice greatly.  The people will
remarkably develop their thought system such that they will be enable to change
the society they habit and perhaps bring out the best in caliber of leaders
they have. Certainly people who reads, reason and they ask question, question
which nevertheless will constructively aid development in their society. In the
real sense a knowledge conscious people more often than not serve as impetus
and strength of character  to the
development of the country. An imperative of this is simple, and it is the fact
that illiteracy which had for a long time retarded our development would have been
effectively dealt with.


Furthermore, in this age
of information, the measure of knowledge people acquire will serve as a
contributing factor to the level of success they achieve. By every
standard  when a man possess knowledge,
he's got power. Hence the best way people can be empowered is by providing very
good library facilities where they can be empowered by useful knowledge.

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